The Guat Life | Day One

My hope and vision for my blog is to reach further than just my business. I want to share intimate moments from a wedding day, and I want to share sweet moments from our normal life. Our travels, or home, a typical Saturday, you name it. I love my business, and I love the opportunities it has brought into our lives. We were invited to take a little trip to Central America, Guatemala to be exact, to photograph children of all ages who are involved with Kids Alive International. When invited by our friend Betsy, we couldn't say yes fast enough! We booked our flights, and headed to Guatemala! I will be sharing our week slowly but surely. 

On our first full day in Guatemala, we went to photograph children at Zapote.

Zapote is about 1.5 hours from San Lucas, it's a beautiful drive through the mountains with an insane view of the volcanoes. Once at the school, our goal was to photograph grades Kindergarten through 8th grade, which had to be broken up into two days. The children here are SO joyful, and love to give hugs :) While I photographed, Braden played soccer with the boys. Needless to say, they all took advantage of his size and strength.. they put him as goalie the entire time.

We made our way back to San Lucas just in time for lunch. Every day, we at lunch around 1-1:30pm, then we had about an hour of free time. Usually, free time meant play time! Clearly, we put the trampoline to good use and had to make sure the swings and jungle gym were well broken in.

Here's a little glimpse at our commute, and the sweet, sweet children from our first day at Zapote and Oasis.