Super fun news, have you guessed it?!

I've been hinting at some exciting news for my little business, and I am so excited to finally share what we've been scheming behind the scenes. I noticed a little over a year ago that I was sadly missing out on serving some incredible couples due to being out of their budget, being booked on their date, or being away on travel on their date. I am a firm believer that the Lord makes it clear who I am supposed to work with, although, there have been times when I felt so strongly about a couple but sadly could not work with them due to the above set backs.

When asked what my aspirations were for Jessi Nichols Photography a few years ago, I honestly didn't have a firm answer. I knew I wanted to grow my business organically, serve my clients whole heartedly, and produce timeless photos that could be looked back on for years to come. Honestly, adding others to my business scared me. Someone else carrying my business name is such a big testament of trust, and if I were to ever hire an associate, I wanted them to be just as passionate about serving others whole heartedly. It couldn't just be about talent behind a camera, but more so about Godly character, truly caring about the clients, attention to detail, solid work ethic, kindness, and being willing to serve others & make their wedding day experience incredible. 

Adding an associate photographer(s) was a far-fetched dream, or so it seemed. It wasn't until recently, over the past 9 months or so, that the Lord really started working on my heart & started making this dream become a reality. What's really neat about this whole process, is that the Lord has been working on this story for years. When I initially started thinking through how on earth I would find an associate, He set apart someone in my mind, the obvious choice, the person who I trust with my whole heart with my business and my clients. My girl, Courtney.

I almost tear up just thinking about how the Lord has been writing mine & Courtney's story over the past 3 years. We met at Starbucks a few years ago when she had applied to be my intern. That didn't pan out but wow, He has done exponentially more in our friendship and in our work relationship than I could have ever imagined. Court has photographed over 25 weddings by my side, has second shot just as many weddings with my bestie Casey Edwards, and has photographed numerous weddings on her own as lead photographer. She photographs organic, joyful moments. She's encouraging, kind, thoughtful, and pays impeccable attention to detail!

So, have you figured out the bit news?! Sweet Court is now taking on JNP weddings as an official Associate Photographer!!! So, what does all of this mean?! Brides now have the option to hire & work with Courtney under the Jessi Nichols brand. The associate wedding pricing guide is discounted for those who need a more affordable option, and Court is now available to take on weddings when I am already booked or am traveling. 

So, if you hire Courtney as a JNP Associate Photographer, what does this mean? Courtney will be your photographer; she will work with the you from initial consult to delivery & I will help oversee everything from the booking to the scheduling to the final delivery! Shooting will be done by Courtney - editing, delivery, packaging, etc will be completed by yours truly. So, JNP Associate weddings will receive the same look, feel, aesthetic, branding and goodies as all other JNP weddings! Courtney’s couples will be featured on JNP's blog, on social media, and get the full JNP experience (just at a more affordable rate!).

There is no one else in the world I would trust with my sweet clients and I am so excited to share Courtney with the world and to fill her calendar with incredible, beautiful JNP weddings! She has already booked a handful of weddings as an Associate for JNP & we are so thrilled to officially introduce her as a member of the JNP Associate Photographer team!

In the coming weeks I'll have her introduce herself! Many of you have already had the pleasure of meeting her or working with her, but for those who haven't - I am so excited to introduce you!