L'Avventura Italiana | Siena, Italy

Day 5:  Pit stop in Siena while traveling to Rome

We started the day with breakfast at our hotel’s café, got picked up by Ali and Andrew, and off to Siena we went. Praise for Andrew navigating us through the crazy streets of Siena, the roads were unbelievably tight and people drive like they’re going to a fire! Luckily, we made it to the parking garage safely and walked for a bit just to do a little window-shopping and to take in all the sights.

I ended up purchasing a hand-painted coffee mug from the cutest little shop (photo above of her actually painting the mugs)! I could have purchased an entire set of mugs, plates, and bowls at that shop. Everything was beautiful and so unique. We had lunch on the stoop of Vinaio Osteria, it was the perfect spot for people watching. We each had a pretty basic sandwich with meat, cheese and fresh bread. 

Then, we made the trek across town through the local markets to visit a winery. The wine cellar was incredible, divided up into different regions, plus it was air conditioned so we didn’t mind hanging there for a bit to cool off.

After cooling off, we walked back to the car and headed to Rome. Ali and I mastered how to take naps in the car, and the men got us to the city of Rome safely. 

Siena was just a pit stop in our journey to Rome, but we definitely got to see a decent amount of the city while we were there!