McKenzie and Dann | Stone River Wedding

Steady is the first word that comes to mind when I think of McKenzie. Any time we met up, she always had that calm steady demeanor, comforting and inviting. Those characteristics never wavered the week of her wedding. A hurricane brewed off the coast causing so. much. rain that Columbia saw the most rainfall it has in years. The flooding was devastating to many areas, including McKenzie and Dann's original venue, The Millstone at Adam's Pond. McKenzie called me the week of the wedding letting me know that they were in the process of making a plan B for their wedding that Friday afternoon. She handled the situation with such grace, when she could have easily just hyperventilated and stressed to the max over elements she couldn't control.

Luckily, Stone River was available for their date and their wedding was moved there at the last minute. When I arrived, I honestly expected a bit of chaos and for the decor to look out of place because the venues were fairly different in styles. Nope, everyone was calm and joyful, and the venue looked like it was supposed to be the setting for their day from the beginning. McKenzie and Dann went for a classic black and white affair, the gentlemen looked dapper in their tuxes and the ladies looked stunning in their mix-matched black dresses.

These two dealt with many obstacles the week of their wedding due to the flooding, but the day of, it was the prettiest fall day. Their ceremony had beautiful light out on the patio of Stone River. It could not have played out any better, and all of that is because of Jesus y'all. McKenzie and Dann, I loved spending October 9th with you, here's to forever my friends!