Caroline and Aaron | Stone River Wedding

Caroline and I met when we both made C-Team cheerleading when I was in 8th grade. We are both on the shorter side, so starting in high school we based together. Woohoo, tiny stunt group! We cheered together the entirety of my high school career, and we always based together. She was my right hand woman, and was a dear friend through a lot of seasons! After we had both graduated high school, I went off to Clemson and she went off to Carolina. Even though we didn't see each other in person for a few years, we always kept up and sent a few letters of encouragement throughout the years.

When Caroline and Aaron started dating, I remember thinking to myself that this guy was the real deal. I didn't even have to meet him in person to know that! They are both joyful, full of life, and love Jesus with their whole hearts. A relationship cannot fail based on those credentials. I saw that they got engaged on Facebook and tears immediately filled my eyes. My girl was getting married! Distance and time knows no boundaries, and mine and Caroline's friendship is a perfect testament to that!

The first time I saw sweet Caroline after 2 years was at her bridal portrait session in Charleston. We had a blast strolling the beautiful streets, and her bridal session is one of my absolute favorites. Her beauty radiates from within (and out!), seriously, go check them out here. Their wedding day was no different. It was joyful, relaxed, and beautiful. Caroline and Aaron said their vows at Lexington Baptist Church, and they danced the night away at Stone River in Columbia, SC. Aaron lives and breaths for music, so naturally a drum off had to happen at the reception and it. was. unbelievable!!! Really though, this whole day was one for the books! 

These two, they're the real deal.