Snow, Snow, Snow!

First snow of the year was a fun one! On Friday, Braden and I ventured out around 6pm to pick up Casey and Aaron, who had been without power since 9am that morning. Little did we know, we were gaining new roomies for the weekend :) we had breakfast for dinner, watched one too many movies, and enjoyed the down time. 

Day two consisted of more movie watching, cookie baking, dinner making, and building a snowman! If I'm being honest, our snowman was pretty legit, he was literally life-size. He lived for a day, and then someone decided it would be funny to demolish him.. womp womp. His bottom layer still remains in our front yard!

Day three we were finally able to drive around a bit, so we made our way downtown for lunch with some of our favorite ladies. Getting out of the house was nice because we were all a bit stir crazy. Then, more movie watching and soccer game watching commenced! Needless to say, we embraced the laziness :)

The weekend felt like a mountain weekend getaway with your best friends, it was the most fun! Best part was, it didn't cost us any money for a cabin, we got to stay put in our own home!

Saving the best for last... hahaha! Proving that behind the scenes aren't always what you may think, the two of us together with a camera is trouble ;)