The Guat Life | Day Two

On our second day in Guatemala, we made the drive back to Zapote for the morning. We needed to wrap up three more grades, and to photograph anyone we missed from the day before. Due to only having a few left to photograph, we got to play and interact with the kids more! We had made some new friends from our first day, and they made sure to come visit with us when they had their recess time.

Once we wrapped up at Zapote, we made the drive back to Oasis for lunch. Following lunch, we had our normal chill time for about an hour while Betsy did some lesson planning. We were pretty exhausted, which called for nap time on the trampoline. The sun has never felt so good on my skin, it was just what we needed after a long day of driving and photographing. We had some daylight left after we left Oasis, we took a little stroll through the market. Sadly no photos were taken, but I loved getting to see all of the hand made goods!

After visiting the market, we had about an hour left of sunlight. Betsy suggested that we go visit Cerro de la Cruz, which is INSANE people. We parked at the bottom, and what would normally be a pretty easy little hike was super difficult due to the higher altitudes. I struggled every bit of that walk trying to catch my breath 🙂 making it to the top was TOTALLY worth it though!

What. A. View. It’s amazing, if you ever have the chance, you need to go see it for yourself! After our long day and our mini hike, we had a chill night in and made brinner. It was glorious!

Up next, our visit to Sefarad, and our coffee date day in San Lucas!

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