The Guat Life | Day Three

The morning of day three in Guatemala we headed to a school in town. Some of the girls from Oasis go to this school during the week, and we needed some photos of the classrooms from each grade. So. many. happy. children. all in one place! Some were in class, some were in PE, some were doing arts and crafts. 

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

After hanging out at the school for a bit, we got dropped off at a cute little coffee shop called Que Cafe in San Lucas. Betsy had planned for a date day for us, just to have some time to try some yummy food and to enjoy being in the country for a few hours without a camera. We couldn’t read anything on the menu.. well.. I couldn’t, Braden could πŸ™‚ I ordered what was called the “Gringo Breakfast,” aka the American breakfast which consisted of eggs, bacon, pancakes and fruit. Braden ordered something a little more authentic, had a little confusion with the waitress who couldn’t understand any English.. and ended up with the Gringo Breakfast as well. At least we tried.

I tried the cafe con leche, which is basically just coffee and cream. But this wasn’t just plain coffee and cream, it was divine coffee and cream. I wish I could have another one of these right now. Sadly, all photos from our adventure time in San Lucas were taken with our phones. It was nice to put down the camera for a while and just enjoy it! After Que Cafe, we walked around San Lucas, sat in the park for a little while, and went on a search for pretty walls and windows. After about two hours of exploring, we needed more coffee, naturally. So we went full circle and went back to Que Cafe for the last hour of our free time πŸ™‚

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