Casey + Edwin | Intimate proposal Featured on How He Asked

What better way to summarize a proposal than from the bride herself? Side note, this sweet proposal was featured on How He Asked! Another side note, these two asked me (me!!!) to come along with them and their closest family and friends to JAMAICA for their destination wedding! I’m all giddy about it 🙂 Okay, now for even more the feels!

Our Engagement, October 3, 2015

where to even start?? Some of you know one of my dearest friends Demi is engaged and we were preparing for her engagement pictures friday night( making signs, painting nails and of course freaking out over the rain that was upon us) I was so nervous for her and didn’t know how in the world she was going to get pictures done in the monsoon the next day. Needless to say, she was nervous for an entirely different reason. She decided that she wanted to make signs for myself and Kelsey that said “she said yes” for a fun girls pictures at the end of their session. Thankfully she told me so I didnt show up wearing sweat pants with my hair on top of my head.

The next day was the day of her pictures- I was there ready to be on umbrella duty! To no surprise the pictures were turning out precious despite the rain and it was a relief that a covered barn was near in sight to take majority of them. Towards the end of the session it was time for the “girls picture” Jessi Nichols Photography was apart of this heck of a surprise and she wanted pictures of us by ourselves before packing up for the day.

When it came to my turn I heard this “ahem” behind me. Oblivious me thought nothing of it, and I was still smiling and striking my pose. I heard the “ahem” again, to turn around and see Edwin standing in the door of the barn. Confused I asked why he was there and thought he was just being funny same ole’ Edwin trying to stir up some trouble. I was so wrong…

After it finally clicking with me as he states ” I need to ask you something”…. The water works begin… (the ones that know Edwin he is not a nervous person! Boy, was he nervous!!!!!) It was the absolute sweetest moment of my life!! To my surprise Edwin was in the barn the entire time waiting for the right moment.

After of course saying YES, we headed to another surprise that he had planned, 70 of our closest friends and family waiting to celebrate with us!! The rain made things a little more difficult for Edwin but he worked around it and made it perfect! I could not have asked for a more beautiful day and I am so excited to have the most amazing people in my life. Edwin and I are so excited for this journey!

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