Sophie and Cameron | Kiawah Island Proposal Featured on How He Asked

Let me start by saying, I didn’t think that Cam would be able to surprise me this good. We had talked about the possibility of him proposing a few months prior and my exact words were to him, “I don’t think you’ll be able to surprise me, I think I’ll just know and that’s okay.” Boy, was I wrong. Cam swept me off my feet and got me good!

My family had planned a beach trip to Kiawah, SC in June this summer. Cam had a summer internship at the medical school nearby and had told me that he was unable to get out of it for a few days to come along. Somehow I missed that all of that was a lie. Cam had taken a few days off without me knowing and coordinated with my parents to drive down the second half of the week to propose. Like most moms, my mom absolutely loves family pictures and so she had planned that one night during our vacation that we would all go take pictures on the beach. She even asked me what time she thought we should do it…I planned what time I would be getting proposed to and I didn’t even know it.

So sure enough, we went to take photos. As I walked down the boardwalk to the beach, I immediately saw Cam standing on the beach from afar. My heart dropped. He smiled at me the sweetest smile and my heart started to race.

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