Samantha + Chase | Destination Wedding in Antigua

I’ll never forget the moment I was asked to travel to Antigua with these two. Shooting a destination wedding was on my big bucket list, and honestly, it seemed unattainable. What made it even sweeter, I’ve known Samantha since middle school and have been able to watch her grow over the past few years. Being reconnected through photography has been so fun and so rewarding, and brought an old friend back into my life!

Braden and I traveled to Antigua for a 5 day stay, and even just as a vacation trip it was incredible. It was during peak wedding season this spring and summer, and it honestly came at the perfect time. We needed to unplug and recharge, and we did just that. Mornings were spent on the porch, followed by a delicious breakfast, and then ample amounts of time by the ocean. We spent most of our time with Samantha and Chase’s family and friends, and that is what made the trip so fun.

Their family and friends welcomed us as if we were one of their own, and we all intertwined so effortlessly. It was like we had all been friends our entire lives! I think that speaks volumes about their crowd & about Samantha and Chase. They are so genuinely kind hearted and welcoming, never to meet a stranger and treats everyone like family.

I will forever cherish this trip, not only because it was my first destination wedding, but because the company was some of my favorite. Here’s to you Samantha and Chase, to many blissful years of fun and adventure!

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