It’s All Greek to Me | Day 2, Santorini, Greece

Our second day in Greece started bright and early with a 3am wake up call. Jet lag + that early of a morning, woof. We packed up our bags, walked across the breezeway, and met Ali and Andrew at our gate in the airport. The flight from Athens to Santorini is super short, so we were in Santorini by about 6:00am. As soon as we got off the plane and grabbed our checked bags, our ride to the Santorini Princess Hotel was waiting for us!

The drive to the hotel was fairly short, roughly about 30 minutes from the airport. We arrived right before sunset & the island was beautiful and quiet. The friendly staff at the Santorini Princess Hotel greeted us, but due to our early arrival our little villa wasn’t ready yet. Fine by us, we had no plans and were happy to check out our new views for the week and watch the sunrise.

They showed us to a room to put all of our baggage and to hang out for a little while until breakfast was served at 8am. At this point, we started taking notice of how attentive and kind the staff is at the Santorini Princess. Even though the kitchen wasn’t open yet, they still offered us a full coffee spread with a little dessert, plus made sure we were comfortable & felt cared for. It was also so convenient to have our own little space, rather than awkwardly hanging out in the office. So, kudos to you, Santorini Princess Hotel!

By the time we got settled into our little area, we only had about an hour to kill, so we rested and chatted for a bit, then went upstairs to eat breakfast right at 8am. Each morning they have a wonderful spread of Greek yogurt and toppings, meats and cheeses, fresh fruit, toast and jams, different breakfast casseroles, an egg bar where you can order whatever you’d like, as well as a full menu. So, needless to say every morning our breakfast dreams came true.

After breakfast, we either needed to nap or press through the tiredness and keep moving. We decided to try our best to stay awake & decided to go to the pool. However, it was pretty chilly out, so we decided to go the hot tub route instead.

Around 11am, we started to get hungry again, so we went for a walk to find lunch. We ended up at a little spot up the big hill from our hotel that had a beautiful view (let’s be honest, everywhere has a beautiful view). I ordered a meats and spreads plate, Braden ordered pizza, both of which were pretty good! I loved the little area up near the restaurant:  cobble stone streets, all white everything, light blue details, mmm yes.

By the time we got back to the hotel our room was ready. We got unpacked, took in our view from our little porch, and everyone dispersed for power naps. Jet lag caught up fast & we all pretty much crashed for most of the day. Ali and Andrew were smart and took naps by the pool, while Braden and I stayed in our room. I woke up after about an hour and got second coffee (or third, who knows at this point) and had a little quiet time on our porch.

Eventually, we were all poolside and we were welcomed by the staff with a little bubbly drink and a chocolate cake situation, even after they had taken such good care of us so early that morning. It’s the little details, y’all, the Santorini Princess thinks of everything to make your stay more fun & to make you feel welcome!

We spent the rest of the day either napping or poolside (more like a mixture of both) until sunset. Sunset is un-be-lievable here, Santorini is famous for it’s sunsets and it’s fairly obvious why that’s the case. Also, something we didn’t expect – it got so cool once the sun went down. Full on fall weather feels, which was wonderful, but I definitely didn’t pack accordingly. Praise for one long sleeve Clemson t-shirt and the one cardigan I packed for the trip, both were my saving grace in the afternoons!

After a few long days of travel and super early mornings, we wanted to keep things low key for dinner. We semi got ready and headed upstairs to have dinner at the hotel. We had our first traditional Tzatziki with pita bread and it was awesome. We each ordered a different entree and were impressed, I’m telling you, the hotel offers all the thing & does them well. After dinner, we called it a night fairly early.

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    Jessi … Your mother told me to see your blog….. I had no clue what I was gonna see….. You are perfectly going through life. My heart is so thankful.

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  1. says:

    Jessi … Your mother told me to see your blog….. I had no clue what I was gonna see….. You are perfectly going through life. My heart is so thankful.