It’s All Greek to Me | Day 3, Santorini

On our third morning in Greece we all woke up super late, oh hey jet lag, and almost missed breakfast at our hotel. We scurried upstairs and ate as quickly as possible, the staff being so kind told us that they would wait of us before they put everything away!

After breakfast, we rented quads in order to scoot around the island. Driving ATVs is super common, so we felt like it was a must. We each got our quad, got simple instruction on how to use them, and we headed towards the black beach for a chill little beach day.

We spent about 2 hours lounging on the beach, decided to rally, and headed to grab lunch at a cute little tex-mex spot. Tranquila was a super cute, vibrant spot and we shared a few appetizers and did a little shopping. We made a quick Lidl stop for some simple groceries on the way back & then hit the pool again for the remainder of the afternoon.

I wanted to get in a little workout, or truthfully, I just wanted to move a little bit. I decided to go on a little walk up the hill to stretch my legs & take in the views quietly. If you know me, you know I’m an introvert at heart, so quiet moments like this recharge me.

Per usual, we enjoyed the sunset poolside. Y’all, it never got old and every night it looked different!

Our favorite staff member, Georgia, recommended a dinner spot called Avocado. It was a short little drive on the quad & we were greeted by the warmest staff at Avocado. We were seated at a table that had 2 chairs and a cute little loveseat, pretty sure we got the best seat in the house somehow 🙂 dinner was incredible, super fresh flavors and a very unique menu.

After dinner, we made our way back to the Santorini Princess & couldn’t resist ordering our nightly cap of baklava and coffee. We rested up and went to sleep, the next morning we were heading to Oia!

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