Tuesday Tidbit: Things I’m Loving Right Now

As I’ve mentioned, this new little space on JNP is to share a little bit more about the in-between. The in-between will dabble a little in my relationship with Jesus, fun little happenings, things I’m loving, recipes, you name it. There’s no limitation & that’s my favorite part about it. Last week, I shared about how I came to know the Lord in October of 2010. Today, I’m shaking things up a little and sharing some fun things I’ve been loving recently.

A lot of these items are a part of my every day. During my month off from JNP, I’ve traveled a ton. I started the month in NYC on a girls trip, then Braden went to France for work, and then I left for another girls trip to Colorado. I’ve picked up a few things along the way that have helped me during this season, as well as made our home cozier when I am home.


I received this daily devotion for my birthday this year, and have been loving it ever since. I’ll admit, I’m not the most disciplined with having my quiet time daily. I try to be intentional about creating a space where I can sit down and read, journal, and pray — I’m definitely more disciplined some seasons over others. This fall, I’ve created a habit of more frequent quiet times thanks to New Morning Mercies. It’s provides short little nuggets of truth to encourage, challenge, and provoke thoughts & point you to scripture every day.

buy a copy of new morning mercies here | anthropologie journal here


Y’all, if you have a Costco membership, or know someone who does — run don’t walk there right now! They have had mums on sale for the past few weeks, buy 4 for $12. Year after year I search for cheaper mums, because let’s be honest, they add up quick. I’ve made more than one trip to Costco this year to snag up as many as I can! Also, giving myself a little high five because I’ve kept them alive for more than 3 weeks. Hallelujah for this non-green thumb girl, haha!


When packing for our trip for NYC, I was struggling in the shoe department. I needed something super comfy, that would hold up when walking in them hours on end, and were still cute enough to wear with normal outfits. I found this pair of leopard print flats at Target and they have been the real MVP! I have worn them all over NYC, on flights, with athleisure and dressed up. They’re my go-to’s these days and are so easy to wash and keep clean. I give these little cuties an 11/10!

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If you know me, you know I’m a frequent flier at Starbucks. I’m a big fan of iced coffee, but also love to mix it up and have a warm cup at home. This past Christmas, we added a Nespresso to our kitchen and it has been a game changer. I love making a decaf americano in the afternoons. Recently, I’ve been adding a little half and half & some pumpkin spice or cinnamon to make it a little more festive. Although my Starbucks habit is still in full swing, this has helped calm down my addiction a little 😉 we have the Nespresso Vertuo Chrome by Breville and it has been wonderful.

view the same one we have in our house here


While in Colorado, this fleece was my go to every morning. I had been eyeing a similar fleece for a while that was around $80, but honestly just couldn’t justify paying that much for a fleece. I did a little digging on Amazon, and found this gem for $22. I have it in a size small & in the color “coffee“ and I’m seriously obsessed. I wear it almost daily and it’s definitely the coziest thing I own right now!

snag one of your own here


I’m a big fan of all fall and winter scents, and there’s almost always a candle burning in our house. This season, I’ve constantly had Anthropologie’s pumpkin clove candle burning. It’s not too sweet, and it definitely fills a room. I’ve kept them stocked up in our house!
snag one of your own here


This necklace was sent to me as a gift one of my sweet July brides, Caroline. Her kind words encouraged my heart so much, and it couldn’t have been more timely. I received this package right at the beginning of my sabbatical, and have been wearing it every day since, along with my roman numeral cuff bracelet by Fashioned By Hand.

altar’d state be still necklace here | roman numeral cuff bracelet here


I’m no make up guru, but I know a good lipstick when I see it! When we were on our girls trip in NYC, we shared a lot of our make up with one another. It’s fun to switch it up, plus it was an easy way to try new products before buying them. My girl Shea had this NARS lipstick in shade “Barbara,“ and we were all big fans. It doesn’t dry out your lips & it’s a perfect neutral. I bought some when we were shopping in the city, and I’ve been wearing it every day since!

snag in shade barbara here


A little over 2 years ago I was struggling with hormonal acne, raise your hand if you turned 25 and it seemed like you hit puberty again, haha! I tried a few different products and regimens before visiting an esthetician. After a consult, she set me up with an Obagi regimen and I haven’t looked back. It’s the only products that have helped clear my hormonal acne, as well as bring my skin back to life.

I keep it simple — gentle cleanser + toner + lotion in the morning — gentle cleanser + toner + coconut oil at night. Coconut oil has been necessary for me this fall, my skin has been super dry due to the climate change. Obagi has a ton of different regimens, if this is something you’re needed, I highly recommend checking out what they offer.

learn more about obagi regimens here


Last but not least, welcome to my every day “work” uniform, haha! I was a member of crossfit for a little over 5 years, and truthfully loved it. This past year, I started getting a little burnt out, and started exploring new options. I tried BBG, Beach Body at home, and eventually landed at Orangetheory. Y’all, if you haven’t tried OTF, I cannot recommend going to your first free class asap! I am constantly in workout clothes or atheleisure for the gym, obviously, and for wearing around the house. Old Navy has been the real MVP, their leggings are easily my favorite. They’re super breathable and comfortable, most have pockets, and they’re super affordable. I’m also a huge fan of their sports bras and tanks!

Like I said, these items are super random, but they are a part of my every day this season. Being on a sabbatical during such a busy travel month has been a little tough, I’ll share more on that later, but having these items be a part of my every day has smoothed my transitions. This fall season has brought a little refresh to my soul, and my hope is that sharing the in-betweens will encourage you in some way.

Until next time, Happy Halloween!


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