2018 Behind the Scenes

It’s crazy to think that JNP loved and served 34 couples in 2018! With many wedding days comes many moments behind the scenes — some that are so tender & some that literally make me laugh out loud. This year would not have been the same without the girls who shot along side of me. Forever grateful for these friends and 10/10 recommend working alongside your besties. These weekends were some of my favorite simply because of who I was sharing them with. Without further ado, JNP’s behind the scenes of 2018!

From passing out bouquets to fluffing dresses. To showing MOH’s and mama’s how to put in the veil.

To chatting with our sweet brides & hanging with the best videographers. Oh, and taking a little dinner break to sit down for the first time all day, haha!

To realizing I am in fact, a tiny human standing next to groomsmen.

If you have a veil, you can go ahead and bet on a little QT with me under it with you and your cute new husband! All about some flowy veils!

To testing light in a million different scenarios.

To that one time KA had to re-pierce one of our bride’s ears (per the bride’s request haha)!

To making sure our bride’s dresses look absolutely perfect.

To making tiny new besties.

To hanging out with some of the best humans.

Thanks for sharing so many Starbucks coffees, wedding cake, and hours driving in a car. To every selfie, embarrassing moment, and laughing until we cry. This year would not have been the same without these gems!

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