Mr. and Mrs. Kiersnowski | Private Residence Wedding in Orlando Florida

Kendall and Stash originally planned to get married in Charleston, SC — but after the hurricane hit, Kendall felt that the Lord was telling them that He has somewhere else in mind for them to be married. In her words, “from what I’ve been repeatedly shown, God’s plans are always perfect and I feel very at peace about the situation.”

Their venue search lead them all the way back to Orlando, FL at her family’s home. Needless to say, the Lord has this perfect plan in mind and had been writing the story for their day long before! Outdoors is where Kendall and Stash feel the presence of the Lord the most, so they have always dreamed of an outdoor ceremony. So rain or shine, we were going to witness their sweet vows in the open air under the beautiful spanish moss trees. It sprinkled during their entire ceremony, but that could never steal their joy, they fully embraced the weather and played in the rain after they became husband and wife.

Kendall and Stash, spending your wedding weekend in your hometown was the absolute sweetest. So much love and overwhelming joy for the two of you!

These vendors were a joy to work with! Venue: Bride’s family home | Videography: Compass Wedding Collective | Florals: Orlando Flower Market Florida Flowers and Orchids | Vow books: Rifle Paper Co. | Catering: 4 Rivers Smokehouse

  1. Oh my goodness, your work is wonderful. What a beautiful set of images this is!

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  1. Oh my goodness, your work is wonderful. What a beautiful set of images this is!