A Day that Changed Everything! October 22, 2019

October 22nd, the day after we got back from New Orleans, I woke up and thought to myself “I’m going to take a test — simply because I need it to say negative so I can stop thinking about it all week.” I honestly felt no different, I had no signs that told me I was pregnant. I just wanted to take a test to get it off my mind.

It’s something I definitely wanted & I struggle with forcing timelines, but I have prayed to be totally open handed with this season, whatever timing God had for us was perfect for me.

Well, it wasn’t negative!!! I was completely overwhelmed with emotion in the best way, and Sampson immediately hugged me as I laugh / cried on the bathroom floor. I knew I couldn’t keep this a secret from Braden until the end of the week, I needed a plan ASAP to tell him that afternoon.

Kylie Anne and I created a little ploy — telling Braden that she needed to “test a new field down the street” for a session she had the next day. With a little grumbling he agreed, and I reminded him that she needed us for like 5 min and that was it!

KA and I had a code phrase, something she would say to let me know she was ready. In this moment, I told him I had a little surprise for him… and his rollercoaster of emotions was everything and more.

The man COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING! This is one of the top 5 moments of my life so far & I will never ever forget it.

I don’t know how we pulled it off, but I’m forever grateful for my girl and partner in crime, Kylie Anne. We have this moment captured forever & I’ll always always always be thankful, we love you!

Sweet baby, you are already so loved and I absolutely cannot believe I get to be a mama with this man by my side every single step of the way.

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