Our Maternity Photos by Chris Isham in Old Village Mount Pleasant

These will forever be some of my favorite photos of us, ever. So many thanks to our dear friend, Chris Isham Photography, who documented this sweet time for us. We are forever grateful!

Sharing what I wrote the night we got checked into the hospital to meet baby Eli:

Today started with a lot of fatigue after a long night of what I thought was false labor. Carried on about the day with contractions here and there, nothing alarming, but as the afternoon set in I started timing them & we decided to go to the hospital “just to rule it out and make sure it’s a false alarm.” Laughing now at the hilarious timing the Lord had planned for this day all along.

Full transparency — our old house hasn’t sold yet, we haven’t moved into the new house, my car broke down this week and is in the shop, we drove our old beat up ‘98 Dodge Ram truck to the hospital, no hospital bag really packed & definitely weren’t planning to have a baby in the next 24-48hrs. I’ve been saying for weeks now, “I’m great with whatever as long as Eli DOES NOT come early.” Well, at 9pm tonight we were officially checked in, it looks like baby Eli is ready to get this show on the road two weeks early!

Thankful for this man & his steadfastness. He stays calm in every situation and has reassured me every step of the way, reminding me that it’s always the Lord’s timing no matter how hard I try to control it. I can’t wait for him to officially be a dad and teach Eli so, so much. Please pray for a safe and smooth delivery, calm nerves, full trust & for this sweet babe to enter into this world gently and gracefully. Y’all, we meet our baby today!!!

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