Rebecca + Daniel | Intimate Wedding at Hotel Domestique

Let me tell you a little story about this day. From Greenville to TR, there was no power due to the hurricane that came through at the end of October. Hotel Domestique lost power that morning, and Rebecca & Daniel’s wedding was fully run on generators.
Hair & make up had an extension cord running from the generator outside through the window, and they got the bridal party ready like champs.
Catering was meant to be in-house but HD’s restaurant, but with no power, their rockstar planner had to improvise. Catering was brought in from downtown greenville, plated & served and it was just as wonderful. Once the sun went down, the hotel was pitch black dark inside. Everyone used flashlights on their phones to navigate to indoors, and had dinner by cans light and twinkle lights.
What could’ve been one of THE most stressful situations became one of my favorite weddings, for quite a few reasons:
Everyone’s attitudes, y’all, the vendors involved were actual super heroes. Everyone worked together, encouraged one another, and made magic happen despite the huge obstacles. Rebecca and Daniel’s family and bridal party did everything in their power to make their day so unbelievably special. And these two, they never wavered & had the absolute best day of their lives!

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