L’Avventura Italiana | Rome, Italy (II)

Day 7:  Rome

Our second full day in Rome had a full agenda. Before touring started, we stopped at Barnum Café for croissants, fresh fruit, and coffee. This café was seriously the cutest, it had a very modern feel and they had a great selection of pastries.

We started our Vatican City tour day at St. Peter’s Church. After a few hours we were ready for lunch, so we made our way to a strip of restaurants and landed at Trattoria Perdincibacco Pizzeria, a cute little restaurant with a chocolate lab snoozing by the front door. We were instantly big fans! Easily the best pizza we had for the week (which is pretty bold to say)!

 After lunch, we made our way through the exhibit for the Sistine Chapel. There were many museums to go through before you end at the Sistine Chapel, but each one was just as beautiful, if not more beautiful than the first. It may not sound like we had seen much at this point in the day, but we had already walked many miles, so we took a break at the hotel for a little down time.

Once our energy returned, we went up to Ali and Andrew’s room with a terrace and popped a little Prosecco. We had received a recommendation from our friends for Da Fortunata, so we decided to have dinner there for the evening. Shout out to Alex and Will, we loved this place and it was so authentic!

Dinner was followed with gelato (per usual) purchased near the Pantheon, and we took a walk back to the Trevi Fountain since the fashion show had come and gone the day before. The fountain at night is seriously magical. It was definitely my favorite spot to visit in while in Rome!

This was our final night in Rome, and I am so glad that we spent it revisiting the Trevi Fountain. This night is my favorite memory from Rome, for sure. The next morning we planned to pack up and make our way to the coast, saving the best for last!

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