L’Avventura Italiana | Positano, Italy (I)

Day 8:  Rome and Positano

Our morning started pretty early, we wanted to make it to our rental car pick up as early as possible, which would be 8am when they opened. Braden and I made a quick stop for croissants, then we all loaded up in a taxi and headed to get our rental car.

Once we figured out the puzzle of fitting all our luggage in the trunk of the Fiat (4 checked bags, 1 carry on, 3 book bags), we made our way to Positano! The drive to Positano was mostly highway until we passed Naples, then the views got more and more beautiful. It’s an unbelievable drive you truly have to experience to comprehend how vast and how grand the Amalfi Coast is!

We made it to our Air B&B in the town of Positano, major win because it was so cute and had the most beautiful view!

After got settled in, we headed down to grab some lunch. The restaurant was nestled right off the walkway to the beach, their menu was full of fresh choices and seafood. Our waiter was so excited to show us the catch of the day, he literally brought the whole fish to our table and was so giddy about it! Although it was tempting, we couldn’t justify paying almost $70/kilo for it (it was about 2 kilos)!

^^ Lolz at both of our faces, that fish was huge!

After lunch we walked down to the beach. Beaches are covered in pebbles on the coast, those pebbles were blazing hot it was unreal. You seriously can’t walk on them without shoes! We were rookies so we just sat on the edge of the water on the pebbles, took some naps, and spent a good bit of the afternoon by the Mediterranean Sea.

After the beach, we went to the local market to grab some waters and fruit to have at the villa, then spent some time on our patio overlooking the ocean.

Again, our friends Alex and Will had a great recommendation for La Tagliata. A quaint little family owned restaurant up on the mountainside in Positano. The restaurant is owned and operated by one family, and mama does the cooking. You can either order off the menu or be served a full 5-course meal.

We didn’t know this going into it, so as soon as we sat down the first round of antipasta plates. We started with about 5 plates, then 3 more showed up, then 3 more. We all just assumed this was our meal, and we were just going to share it family style. OOPS. Nope, that was just course one for the evening. We had to put a hault to the rest of our courses because we were absolute stuffed after the antipasta. We felt terrible because we truly wanted to try each course, but didn’t want to be wasteful. So, we skipped to dessert and called it a night! So, if you make a trip to this restaurant, come hungry and pace yourself!

We got on the bus and headed back down the mountain to our villa. You wouldn’t believe how fast these buses fly down the winding roads, or how they fit! If I didn’t get motion sick, I would’ve probably closed my eyes for most of the drive down! I’ll be honest though, the views were worth it!

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