JNP’s Photography Bucket List

I’m a big dreamer, but the quiet type. I don’t share my dreams and aspirations often, mainly because they hit me at a moments notice & that’s all I can think about until I make some moves. It’s funny how that works, to be hit with inspiration but not really having control over making it happen! What I love about dreaming is the fact that it’s 1) free, 2) good for my soul, and 3) keeps me pushing forward and challenging myself. Last year, my dream was to photograph a destination wedding. If you’ve been following my little business over the past year, you’ve probably noticed that Braden and I have packed our bags and left the USA a whole lot!

Our year of travel stared in March when Braden spent a week in France for work. Sadly, I didn’t make it on that trip (but totally plan to next time), so our travel together didn’t kick of until May! In May, my dream of shooting a destination wedding came to fruition & we headed to Antigua to photograph the wedding of Samantha and Chase. I couldn’t imagine a better way to kick off our destination wedding experience. We had a ton of fun, felt like a part of their family, and left with a sun tan and some beautiful images!

In July, we packed our bags again and headed on a 12 day adventure through Italy with two of our dear friends, Ali and Andrew. This trip was seriously one of those trips of a lifetime & I have a feeling we will compare most of our trips to this one. The culture in Italy is so special, it’s incredibly hard to explain. Life is simpler, beautiful, and the food is impeccable. Plus, traveling with friends is always a good idea. These two do their anniversary photos with me each year, so naturally we had to make some magic happen while in Italy. We photographed their anniversary photos in Tuscany and on the Amalfi Coast, you can view their feature on The Wedding Concierge here! Also, if you’re planning a trip to Italy, I blogged about all of the details of our trip here!

We took off again in October to photograph a sweet wedding in Jamaica for our dear friends Casey and Edwin. Y’all, we loved this trip so much! We took the trip as a vacation, time to meet new people, and obviously captured some beautiful images! I’ll be sharing their wedding soon, but I’ll go ahead and warn you, it was so pretty!

We thought our travel was over after Jamaica, but on Black Friday Braden and his brother decided to plan one last trip! We took off one last time for the year to Whistler, Canada the week before Christmas for a little ski trip. That place is seriously a magical winter wonderland, literally like a real life snow globe. I think it’s safe to say we traveled a whole lot this year, and it was the most fun!

With travel comes the craving for more travel, and I’ve honestly just been feeling super inspired this week to truly dig into where I’d love to go! So, I compiled a list of beautiful places I’d love to visit and where I’d love to photograph a wedding / session / elopement! We’ve crossed off a few this year, but honestly, I think I’ll just keep adding and adding onto this list! If you’re getting married in any of these places, traveling for fun, eloping, you name it, holler at your girl. Braden and I would love to come along and capture some pretty images for you, I promise we are fun! 😉

Without further ado, my first draft of a photography bucket list!

Domestic Locations:
Savannah, GA
New York City
Big Sur, CA
California Coast
Oregon Coast
Annapolis, MD
Austin, TX
Red Rock Canyon, CO

International Locations:
Tuscany, Italy (checked off!!!)
Amalfi Coast, Italy (checked off!!!)
Jamaica (checked off!!!)
Lake Louise, Alberta Canada
Paris, France
Antigua (checked off!!!)

Specific Venues:
Pippin Hill, VA
RiverOaks, Charleston
Claxton Farms, NC (checked off!!!)
Swan House, ATL
Spring Cairnwood Estate, PA

Y’all, this list will forever grow. But, to shoot in any of these locations would be a D R E A M. If you’re a bride planning a wedding that aligns with one of these dreamy locations, please reach out! There could be a discount or incentive with your name on it 😉

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  1. Laurene says:

    Great list so many amazing places.