It’s All Greek to Me | Day 4, Oia, Santorini

We had an early start to our day, we wanted to get out early so we could beat the crowd in Oia. Oia is where most cruise ships dock around lunch time, so getting there early helps beat the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

We had breakfast at the hotel, hopped on our quads, and we were off! Oia is seriously so magical, it’s everything you expect and more, all white everything & gorgeous blue details everywhere.

We walked for a bit and had coffee at the Vitrin Cafe Creperie. There was a cute sheepdog hostess who visited with everyone, seriously the cutest.

We walked, shopped, took photos, did typical tourist things! We made our way down the stairs towards the water. Word to the wise, wear good shoes aka shoes with rubber soles so you don’t slip down these stairs. You’d think going down stairs wouldn’t be a physical task, but these stairs were another story. We all had shaky legs by the time we got to the bottom (haha)!

We had lunch at Ammoyui IKE by the water. They had a huge selection of super fresh seafood by the kilo. We shared a greek salad and 1 kilo of fresh fish & it was plenty for the four of us.

Ali and I saw donkeys emerging down the stairs, so naturally we wanted to go see them. We snagged a few photos and then all of the sudden we hear yelling and lots of noise. There was a small stampede of donkeys coming down the steps right at us! I think my heart rate is still recovering, but I mean all you can do is panic and then laugh about it. Clearly, we survived, haha.

From lunch, we walked back up the intense stairs to find an iconic view of the blue domes. We snagged some photos because why not (?!) and then headed back towards our hotel for pool time.

Per usual, we watched the sunset poolside.

We had dinner at Naoussa per our hotels recommendation. It was very authentic with a gorgeous view of the Fira mountainside at night. This restaurant had wonderful comfort food & we all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was just what we needed after a long day.

We capped the night with baklava and decaf cappuccinos on our porch at our room. Solid, full day. Up next, our very last day in Santorini!

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