It’s All Greek to Me | Day 5, Santorini

Our last day in Santorini. So sad!

We started the morning like all of our other mornings, with breakfast at the hotel. From breakfast, we hoped downtown to Fira to do a little shopping. Honestly, it was a smidgen touristy and had lots of cheesy gift shops haha. We probably spent about an hour or so there, and were ready to continue on with our day.

We all needed second coffee and a little walk. So, we walked to see the view at Imerovigli. We stopped for coffee at Spilliotika Bar, chilled for a bit, then headed back to the hotel for pool time. We were all tired by this point in the week, so it was nice to have a chill afternoon by the pool.

Before dinner, we went up the hill to do an anniversary session for Ali and Andrew. Last year, we did their anniversary photos in Italy, so we’re clearly trying to keep a travel tradition alive 🙂 I’ll be sharing their session in another post soon!

We had dinner at the Aegean restaurant not too far from our hotel. I’ll be honest, it was a little stuffy and wasn’t our favorite vibe. The food and the view was excellent, though!

When we got back to the hotel we packed up our bags & got ready for check out the next morning. Per usual, we had our last baklava on the porch with coffee and wine.

Santorini was such a good mix of fun & relaxation. We went with a much more chill approach to this trip, and it was so nice to have loose plans every day! The next morning we were heading back to Athens, so our last day in Greece is up next!

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