5th Anniversary in San Fran | Last day in the city

On our last day in San Fran, we both decided that we needed a slower paced day. We had flown & driven so many miles in such a short stretch of time, so one last day feeling more like locals sounded perfect.

We walked from our hotel & shopped a little along Market Street. It was sunny and the perfect temperature outside, so all we wanted was to enjoy it and soak it in. After shopping for a bit, we hopped into Starbucks for a pick me up and then headed to lunch.

After lunch, we grabbed a ride on the Bart and headed to the Mission District. Now, let me tell you something about the Mission District. There’s a piece of that part of town that is super trendy and cute. However, round a few corners & walk a little too far and you end up in a super sketchy part of town. We got off the Bart a few streets too early and ended up walking through a super sketchy area for around 8 blocks.

It kind of tainted the experience for me to be honest, haha. We finally found a rooftop taco bar and settled there for a bit. It overlooked the Mission District & you could see the fog rolling into the city.

We ate a casual little dinner and grabbed snow cream ice cream on our way out. The ice cream looked a little bizarre, but it was truthfully so good and so much more flavorful than we expected.

After an easy day, we boarded our plane and made our way back home. It was such a fun trip & I truly believe we covered all of the hot spots. I highly recommend making San Fran a “must see“ on your travel list!

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