5th Anniversary in San Francisco | Napa Wine Train and San Fran Food Festival

We started our morning traveling from San Francisco to Napa, which was around a 45 min Uber ride. So many pretty views along this drive & the flog slowly lifted the further we got out of the city.

We booked a lunch tour on the Napa Wine Train, and y’all, if you’re going to Napa I’m going to go ahead and tell you to book this! It’s seriously the cutest thing we have probably ever done. It feels like we took a step back in time – the prettiest decor & lunch service all while you ride to the wineries.

One thing I will mention is that you are seated with another couple at a table. No biggie, luckily we were seated with a great couple from California, so it made the experience fun. If you don’t luck out with good table-mates, it could be a smidge awkward haha.

The food was truthfully so good! We started with bread and salads, entrees, and then they move you from your train car to another for dessert. We each chose a different dessert to share & coffee per usual. After lunch, we exited the train at our first stop for the day, the Charles Krug winery.

Our tour guide was super passionate about the winery, which honestly made the experience so fun. It had a very classic & timeless vibe, very much what you’d expect in Napa Valley! We tried a few different white wines, as well as reds, and checked out the gorgeous grounds. After spending around 1-1.5 hours here, we loaded onto a bus and transferred to our next winery for the day, Raymond Winery.

We were greeted at Raymond with rose, no complaints here! The Raymond Winery is a stark contrast to Charles Krug, it’s very flashy and quirky, it has a Moulin Rouge look that’s super out of the box for a winery. There was also a lot of french bulldog influence which added to it’s quirkiness, including a little dog hotel so you can bring your pet when you visit the winery! If only Sampson could fly on a plane 😉

After a long day of touring, we took a car & then the ferry back to San Francisco and rested for a bit before dinner. On the ferry, we met a crew of people our age that were on a friend trip & they scooped us up and called us friends within minutes of us entering the ferry. It made the hour ride fly by & it was so fun to meet new people!

After resting for a bit, we headed to the San Francisco Food & Wine Festival. We took the trolley to the Wharf & then walked the short walk to the center where the festival was being held. To be honest, the festival was a little bit overwhelming at first. It felt a lot like Fall for Greenville, only confined into a building, so it was super loud and crowded.

After we got our bearings & had an understanding of how it worked, we started snagging samples from different restaurants. My absolute favorite was a chile oil deviled egg with a pork rind, sounds odd, but I probably ate like 6 of them haha. We also both loved samples of ice cream from the Ice Cream Museum.

Needless to say, this day consisted of a whole lot of wine and a whole lot of food. We were both so full at the end of the night, but it was easily our best day of eating! Our last day & final chapter of this trip coming to ya this week!

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