L’Avventura Italiana | Positano, Italy (II)

Day 9:  Positano

Our second morning in Positano we all decided to disperse and have a little time to ourselves and have breakfast dates. Ali and Andrew beat us out the door and had breakfast at La Zagara. On our way down, we ran into them and happened to be going to the same place, just a while after they had finished. Great minds think alike I suppose!

I ordered a brioche and a café freddo; to my surprise it was shaved ice instead of ice cubes. I’ll tell you what; the Italians are onto something here! After breakfast, Braden still had a hankering for more coffee, so we made our way to Collina Bakery. Collina had a large variety of coffee, pastries, desserts, and wine. After second coffee, we all made our way to the beach and spent most of the day by the sea.

Ali and I were in the mood for coffee, so we made another trip back to Collina for some café freddo. We were really rooting for some shaved ice café freddos, but they were sadly out, so we left with normal (incredible) iced coffees!

Braden and Andrew made a gelato run, naturally. Patio time happened, and then Ali and I did a CrossFit style stair sprint workout. I kid you not, the stairs to our villa were at least 50+ deep. So, we did a stair sprint, 1 min of planks, and 10 push-ups for 15 minutes. It killed, but felt so good!

 We all wanted to get some incredible photos to not only remember our trip, but to celebrate marriage and our upcoming anniversaries (ours in August, theirs in October)! We got all dressed up, popped some Champagne, and took some photos around our villa (photos of Ali and Andrew get their own post)!

We went down to the beach to finish up with the incredible views, and y’all, it was so worth it. I am so thankful for Ali and Andrew being willing to learn to use my camera and for snapping some of my favorite photos. I love capturing others memories, but it is so sweet to have some of our own!

 We settled on a local restaurant right on the water, Ristorante La Pergola. We decided to order the Italian way by ordering an antipasta, primi piatti, secondi piatti, and dessert! This dinner was incredible. We were also able to watch the France vs Portugal soccer game during dinner, making both Andrew and Braden happy campers.

After dinner we made our way back to our little villa, Ali and Andrew headed to bed and Braden and I spent a few minutes on the patio. We could hear Italians playing music and singing up the stairs from us, it made a magical place feel even more magical.

Our last night in Positano was a good one. Actually, a great one. 

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